Key elements of Escape Rooms (including Virtual Reality Escape room)

1. Teamwork and collaboration
2. Being faced with challenges, puzzles and other aspects involving thinking
3. Having a defined timeframe to complete the experience e.g. 60 minutes
4. Sense of achievement from successfully solving the challenges, puzzles and completing the mission

A VR Escape Room has all the above elements.

A good physical escape room will also be immersive where players feel like they’re not just in a room but in the scene of that escape mission or adventure. As a result, the trend with physical escape rooms is towards creating greater immersion by having higher cost room builds with increasing use of technology and professional set designers and fabricators for example creating walls that look like real stone but is made from fibreglass.


A VR escape room takes the immersion even further where the player isn’t visually limited by what can fit in the physical room but is presented with a 360 view of other fantastical worlds and large environments that couldn’t be replicated physically inside a room.

VR World Escape Rooms provides unique interactivity and even greater immersion with hand tracking, haptics that create vibrations you can feel and atmospheric effects like wind and heat, as well as scents like gunpowder and smoke in the air. The virtual reality world can feel very realistic. We have had guests try to lean on a table in our virtual reality adventure, only to fall down in real life 

The tension can definitely be felt in our VR Escape Rooms as the teams work together to solve the challenges, scream in fright as giant spiders jump out at them and have a good workout shooting fireballs from their hands at the spiders, all the while conscious of time ticking away, aiming to complete their mission before time runs out.

VR World Singapore | Virtual Reality Escape Room | VR Arcade

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  • Avatar Casey Chin ★★★★★ in the last week
    Had a great experience at VR World. Staff were friendly and helpful, and the games were interesting as well. Played a VR escape game for the first time and it was … read more very enjoyable! It was immersive and the puzzles were fun to solve. I highly recommend VR World if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills VR experience. I will definitely be back to try the other escape games!
  • Avatar Mr_Smurf Hefty ★★★★★ a month ago
    It was a family friendly and fun for us. This is the first time playing here and it was super fun and enjoyable. Everything was clean, like the devices and the price … read more was affordable to most people I would recommend people from secondary school to university students to come down and enjoy with your friend. Games like the VR escape room. The escape room feel so real and really have to communicate. There 3 part to it I can't wait to play the next two part. Is really worth it!!!!!!!!!! The worker was patient and explain to us the whole process on how the device work. I would say compare to all the other VR game I been to it the best I experienced.👍
  • Avatar J L ★★★★★ a month ago
    We played Escape The Lost Pyramid, it was a good game for beginners, the game has hints and lots of fun stuff to explore around.
    You get to work with your friend
    … read more as a team and sometimes independently.
    The place was clean and headsets were new.
    A bit dizzy after 60 mins, will try other games next time. But will take a break in between.