“One is never enough”…  And so we introduced the ultimate ticket to VR gaming: the VR World 2-hour Multi-Pass. The Multi-Pass allows the holder to try anything and everything offered in all our VR categories, with no limits except for the duration of the ticket.

What is included:

-Any of the VR Escape Game titles: including the Ubisoft trilogy, Incarna series and more (limited to one game).

-Any of the VR Arcade Game titles: choose and change as many as you like!

Duration: 120 mins, The ultimate ticket and a totally safe option if you are new to VR and unsure about what to book.

[*Suggestion for Multi-Pass holders: Always start with your VR Escape Game adventure. As it typically takes around an hour (or more!) to complete an Escape Game, you can then better manage your time with the shorter (and less time-stressful!) VR Arcade Games.]


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