Tower Tag is our signature game of virtual reality laser tag where up to eight players can play together across two teams in giant futuristic arenas.

Experience the next generation of laser tag! Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement that provides a very dynamic gaming experience.

Multiple game types and levels are available, plus the ability to play with, or against, AI bots.

BOTS: If you want to play against AI (artificial intelligence) robots, we offer that too. Add them to your team or play co-op against them. We have to warn you, they are really good, but we can set their level.

WEAPONS: You are provided with a single multi-purpose gun, which can also heal your teammates and provide the means to traverse the huge levels.
We also provide each player with a flak jacket, which will aid you in detecting the direction of enemy fire, as well as deflecting some hits.

HOW TO PLAY: An unoccupied tower starts the match with a white glow. Shooting the top of an uncaptured or enemy tower will transform it to your team’s colour. Once complete, a virtual cable will allow you to use your gun to yank yourself to that tower and any close tower displaying your team’s colours. This is how you traverse the level.

A team that dominates the towers has a definite strategic advantage.

Your gun automatically detects team mates and switches to health boost mode when you fire.

Communications will be automatically opened between yourself and your team mates.

That’s it; you are good to go. Good luck, and have fun.

GOAL PILLAR: We also have an alternate game mode called Goal Pillar where, to win, you still need points, but the only way to win a point is to occupy a special tower in the other team’s area.

This requires a whole new strategy for a whole new game of Tower Tag.

Tower Tag is an amazing shooting game that is very easy to learn but can accommodate intricate strategy elements to make it one of the most challenging and fun games in virtual reality.

Get your team to VR WORLD and have fun with laser tag, virtual reality style. Book your laser tag adventure now.

30 minutes – $25
60 minutes – $35

Each of Tower Tag game matches are around 15 minutes long.
Minimum age is 7+