What measures have VR World taken to ensure Covid-19 safety?

In compliance with Ministry of Health Safe Management Measures:

  • Customers are advised to stay home if not feeling well.
  • Safe Entry check-in is required.
  • Wearing of mask at all times is enforced.

Social distancing:

  • Customers are individually separated and kept at least 1 metre apart during a game.
  • Customers are not allowed to interact with other groups within the premises.
  • Total number of people within the premises at any point of time is strictly controlled in accordance to MOH guidelines.

Sanitation practices on VR facilities

  • All headsets and controllers are thoroughly cleaned with Disinfectant Wipes before and after every use.
  • All headsets and controllers are regularly disinfected with UVC germicidal rays (99.9% antibacterial).
  • VR lenses are wiped down with alcoholic cleaning wipes.

General sanitation practices

  • Sitting areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Customers and staff are constantly advised to utilize the hand sanitizers made conveniently available.
  • Single-use hygiene covers, developed specifically for VR headsets, are available upon request.
What to expect from a VR Escape Game session at VR World?

SELECT YOUR ADVENTURE: Firstly, your friendly Game Master will recommend and help you pick your game based on your team size, preferred theme and level of difficulty. (5 mins)

BRIEFING: Then, you’ll be briefed on safety precautions and basic controls in the VR environment, after which your Game Master will help you gear up on your VR headset and controllers. (3 mins)

TUTORIAL: Once inside the headset, the game will load and you’ll enter the tutorial where you’ll learn the basic movement and controls in the game. Depending on the game, you may get to choose or customize your VR avatar! This is followed by a short gathering in a virtual preparation room, where you can further practice your controls or simply mess around with your teammates. (7 mins)

TEAMWORK, THINKING AND TALKING TO COMPLETE YOUR ADVENTURE: When everyone is ready, the game will start and the countdown begins! As a team, you’ll need to communicate constantly and work cooperatively to accomplish your objective. Be delighted by your new world, puzzled by what to do during your adventure and exhilarated as you search for clues and solve puzzles together. Make use of the in-game hint function when stuck in a situation. Complete your mission before time runs out! (50 mins)

COMPLIMENTARY DRINKING WATER AND PHOTOS: After your adventure, freshen up with some complimentary beverages while you talk about the highlights of your amazing experience. When you’re ready, ask your friendly Game Master to help you take some group photos, for memories 🙂

What are Virtual Reality Escape Rooms and how is it different from ordinary Physical Escape Rooms?

Virtual reality escape rooms are places in which guests can escape the physical world to be transported to other realities to complete challenges in alternate dimensions or scary versions of ours.

They employ the latest technologies in tracking, computing, and visual display to trick your brain into believing that the fantasy is real. VR enables the creation of unique interactive puzzles and other tricks that you just can’t do in a physical escape room.

How do VRworld rooms compare to other VR experiences?

VRworld deliver several advantages over ordinary VR Centers. We have a total of 27 stations allowing a party of 27 people to play VR at the same time. Although most escape games allow a maximum of 4-6 people to pay at one time, but our size will allow multiple teams of 4-6 to play at same time. This allows several teams to compete in real time and see who can escape first and make their mark on our digital leaderboard.

VRworld is also the only place in Singapore that is multi storey and multi spacing, allowing the possibility of customising your party space according to your needs. So you can have your own VR level/storey if you like.

What are the rules of the game?

Once inside the VRWorld rooms, you’ll put on your virtual reality headsets where you’ll be transported into another world based on the adventure you have chosen.

You’ll have a 360-degree view of the virtual reality world but still see and interact with your team as their virtual reality avatars. Your team will need to work together to complete your adventure. Collaboration is essential: you cannot succeed without your teammates. Being able to listen and communicate effectively is absolutely key to success.

Be delighted by your new world, puzzled by what to do during your adventure and exhilarated as you crack through obstacles and solve puzzles together and complete your adventure before time runs out.

What are your opening hours?

We are currently open everyday:

11am to 11pm (last booking at 10pm)

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  – please book online in advance to avoid disappointment.

Can I make a booking or enquiry by phone?

No, we do not have a voice call booking or enquiry system in place yet.

However we have a very intuitive webpage that makes Online Booking very easy and convenient. You can check availability, choose your experience, make payment and receive instant booking confirmation.

Feel free to message us through FB/IG or WhatsApp for last-minute or walk-in enquiries.

What are your Session Times?


11am – 10 pm


11am – 10pm

How much does a VR Escape Room Experience cost?

It usually cost 45.0 per person, and slight discount given for the weekday off peak period.

How long is each adventure?

Total experience is about 1 hour (please arrive 15 mins beforehand)

There is a 10 minutes tutorial session after which you have 50 minutes to complete your virtual reality escape game adventure. If your team is a whizz at solving puzzles and challenges thrown at you and navigating the virtual reality world, you may complete your adventure in a shorter space of time and even make it on our leaderboard, Record Wall Of Fame.

Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes for the overall experience including briefing before the adventure, complimentary refreshments and group photos.

How early should our group arrive?

Please make sure that all members in your party arrive 10 minutes before your adventure begins so that you can check-in and be briefed for your adventure. If it’s your first time playing virtual reality, please come through 15mins earlier so we can use the extra time to show you the basic of using the virtual reality headset and the controller.

How many players can participate in a VR Escape Game adventure together?

Depends on the game you have chosen.

Most of our VR Escape Games are designed for 2 or 4 players, some supports up to 6 players (see our Games Menu for more information). For bigger groups, we encourage you to split up into separate teams playing the same adventure, and compete to see which team “escapes” in the shortest time!

What is the maximum number of people VR World can accommodate?

We have 18 active stations right now. Meaning up to 18 people can be playing at the same time

However, we are spacious enough to easily accommodate more than 30 people for private events. Guests who are not playing can either relax at our chill-out space or watch (and laugh) at their friends playing.

We are in the midst of expanding to serve more in the near future.

What is your rescheduling, cancellation and refund policy?
  • Rescheduling requests can be made through email more than 24 hours before the actual date of your booking (subject to availability of slots, and topping-up of price difference if any).
  • We have a full refund (less 5% processing fees) policy for cancellation requests made more than 24 hours before the actual date of your booking.
  • Last minute rescheduling or cancellation requests (made less than 24 hours before actual booking date) will be treated as “no-show” with strictly no refund.
Can people wearing glasses play?
Yes, most spectacle frames will fit inside our VR headsets.

Take note that they must measure 142mm or less in width and 50mm or less in height. If your frames are larger, the headset will push against them, which is not only uncomfortable, damaging to your glasses and the VR headset, but also will likely interfere with the VR experience or your vision while you’re wearing the headset.

We advise you to always wear suitable glasses or contact lenses when playing our VR games for the best visual experience.

Will your VR games cause motion sickness?

Most of our VR games will NOT cause motion sickness.

Motion sickness is mainly caused by body motion conflicting with mental motion during a VR experience. Most of our games (including all our VR Escape Games) adopt a “teleportation” movement system that reduces the need for body movement, thereby greatly reducing the tendency for motion sickness.

We do offer more intense and fast moving VR Arcade Games, some that uses “locomotion” movement controls. But these games are usually reserved for more experienced players.

Statistically, less than 1% of our players have had the need to stop their game due to overbearing motion sickness.

Are there any age restrictions?

Generally, 9 years old is the recommended minimum age to enjoy our VR games, or 140cm and above in height, but a lot is dependent on individual development and proficiency, and the level of adult guidance.

It is possible for younger children to try VR, but it has to be done strictly under close adult supervision. There is also a higher possibility that the VR gear may not fit younger children well, that they may not meet the physical requirements of the games, or that they may not be able to fully understand and appreciate the games.

(Age suitability may vary between different games, please feel free to check with our staff).

Can I come see the virtual reality room before I play?

You can come and see our premises and our state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets and equipment.

However, you won’t be able to try the adventure beforehand as it will defeat the whole purpose of the adventure. You can always check out our video trailers to get a feel of the adventure.

Is this suitable for birthday parties, hens and bachelor parties?

Our virtual reality adventures are lots of fun, uniquely different and sure to be memorable, particularly for occasions such as birthday, hens and bachelor parties. Although, we generally prefer ages of 12 or above for our escape game vr rooms. The games are too challenging for children under 12 generally.

What are your terms and conditions?

Cancellation Policy
No refund will be provided in case of booking cancellation or no-show.

Terms and Conditions
The game is designed for a team of 2,3 or 4 people per room.  You’ll have exclusive use of the room and the selected game room.


  • VRworld is a live event so once the booking is confirmed refunds and cancellations are not accepted.
  • If less people attend the Game than are booked, the price difference will not be reimbursed.
  •  If more people are attending please call ur or email to check availability and add the additional person.
  • Only person(s) who are at least 18 years of age are permitted to book a Game.
  • It is your responsibility to check that any Games issued to you are accurate and your details are correct on the Online Booking Form. By submitting an Online Booking Form you warrant to VRworld  that all details supplied by you are true and accurate.
  • You receive the confirmation of your booking via email only. VRworld will not send further confirmation via post or text message.
  • A booking becomes a no-show and entry will be declined if the team is late. We will reschedule on the next availability as soon as possible.


  • While you are on our premises, you must follow our rules and regulations, adopt proper standards of behaviour, and cooperate with our employees at all times.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person under the influence of alcohol or who is deemed unfit, abusive or unsuitable in any way at the sole discretion of the staff of VRWorld.


  • VRWorld collects and stores your personal details without disclosing it to any 3rd party and is dedicated to ensuring that the privacy of your personal information is protected.
Can I play if I have epilepsy, a history of anxiety or other conditions, or if I am pregnant or elderly?

You cannot play the adventure if you have epilepsy.

If you have a history of photosensitive seizures, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress or heart conditions, you should consult a doctor before playing Virtual Reality Rooms.

Pregnant women or elderly should exercise caution and may be seated throughout the play.

I am not a gamer, is this experience for me?

Yes, 100%! This is not a video game. It is an intuitive experience made for everyone, from 12 to 82. If you know how to talk, listen, walk and grab objects, you have all the skills needed to make it. The experiences are none violent and focused on cooperation between players. Excellent for families! Perfect for corporate events.

Is the game good for Team Building?

It is made for teams! You cannot escape alone! You must work together, and everyone has a role to play. The key to success is to talk, listen and collaborate. And High Five when you are done!

I have the fear of heights (or spiders, zombies, enclosed areas, darkness etc), are these experiences for me?

Our advise is this: a VR experience is the best opportunity for you to face your fears without the risk of any real danger 🙂 The gratification can be very rewarding when you eventually overcome them! However, be warned our VR experiences are extremely immersive and the fears you face can be very real. Therefore, we would advise those suffering from extreme phobia to not attempt them. Do check with our staff if the game you picked contains them.

Are food or beverages allowed in VR World?

No outside food or beverages are allowed to be consumed within VR World. Exceptions will be made for Party Packages and other private events, under special arrangements.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently support payment by Cash,or PayNow on location, and Credit/Debit Card.or Google Pay for online bookings.