Up to 22 playing members in a session

At VRWorld, more can participate at the same time.

Play together or separately

Choose your experiences, play individually, competitively, or in small separate groups.

Ample activity space

Dedicated for your discussion, briefing, or food catering needs.

Mystery door gifts

Something for each of your member to remember the inspiring experience by.

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Talent Development
Focused on harnessing the interpersonal communicative skills that takes your team to the next level. There is always a couple of key takeaways for each participant.

Employee Relations
Incredibly fun and engaging which will bring the whole team together in an atmosphere designed to maximize team rapport.

Supports a regular and robust team building protocol, memento photos and social media posts, all critical assets for your recruitment pipeline.

Promote Creativity
Our experiences stimulate the creative juices flowing within the team. Each game offers a new lens to explore creativity and tests your limits in thinking out of the box.

Organizational  and Leadership Development
Find out who are the leaders and who are the followers in your organization.

One of the key benefits of Virtual Reality is that we can place your team in more challenging and unexpected situations than ever possible in the real world. Call it an out-of-this-world metaverse experience. Your team will be talking about their visit to VRWorld for years to come!

Tell us your needs, let us help you plan your session, bring your crew down, and we will provide a unique team building experience, supported by Virtual Reality technology, that will leave your team MORE CONNECTED at the end.

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What our customers are saying about us:

Went for a company team building activity here. Nice and clean environment. There were lockers to put belongings and bags inside, there was a toilet. Mineral bottled water was provided, after a good 1 hour session it came in handy, haha. The staff guided us well, easy to understand, had lots of fun.

UselessTeddy / Google

We recently had a team bonding session in VR WORLD and I must say, it was an absolute blast! The atmosphere was lively and inviting, with friendly staff members who were eager to assist us in any way possible. There was guidance throughout the whole process and all of us enjoyed it so much.
There were wide range of VR games to choose, from escape rooms to all kinds of arcade games. Overall, I highly recommend this VR arcade for team bonding events. It’s a unique and entertaining way to bring your team together, build stronger relationships, and have a great time in the process.

Sumei Su / Google

Great team bonding experience – we booked the whole studio and games were very well facilitated by the VR World team.

Our colleagues included those in their late 50s and many in their 20s and 30s. They enjoyed both shooter as well as escape room games.
It was hilarious to see how immersed some of the first timers were when playing escape room.
Very good experience

Gene / Google

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our VR experiences are prefect for team building! You simply cannot complete your objectives alone. You will work together, experience the dangers and satisfaction as a team, with everyone having a role to play. The key to completing your mission is to communicate and collaborate. And High-Five one another when you are done! You will find a stronger bond and deeper understanding between your team mates at the end of the session!

It depends on the game you choose.

Most of our VR Escape Games are designed for 2 or 4 players, some supports up to 6 players (see our Games Menu for more information). For bigger groups, we encourage you to split up into separate teams playing the same adventure, and compete to see which team “escapes” in the shortest time!

Do come in 15 minutes earlier for your session so our Game Masters can offer the best recommendations for your group size.

Yes, 100%! These are not your regular video games. They are intuitive experiences made for anyone from 9 to 99 to enjoy. If you are able to observe, listen, communicate and interact logically with real world situations, then you have all it takes to  enjoy them. The appeal of VR experiences lies in the sensory immersion into fantastical situations.

We have 22 active stations right now (14 for VR Escape/Arcade Games and 8 for VR Laser Tag). Meaning up to 22 people can be playing at the same time

However, we are spacious enough to easily accommodate more than 30 people for private events. Guests who are not playing can either relax at our chill-out space or watch (and laugh) at their friends playing.

We are in the midst of expanding to serve more in the near future.

You are most welcome to do so 🙂

Do contact us in advance so that our friendly VR Game Masters can prepare for you a short tour of our facilities and also a Free introductory VR Demo Session.

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