Tower Tag Pro is our unique Mixed Reality Laser Tag game, played at the same time in a Virtual Reality headset and a built-up physical environment.

Up to eight players can play together between two teams in futuristic virtual arenas. It is an exhilarating team-based shooting game that is very easy to learn but can accommodate intricate strategy elements to make it one of the most challenging and fun games in virtual reality.


WEAPON: A single multi-purpose gun, with an intuitive one-button control, which can be used to shoot at opponents, traverse between towers and also heal teammates.

MOVEMENT: Capture a tower by aiming at its top and squeezing and holding the “trigger”. After it changes to your team’s color, you can then pull yourself over by yanking the cable towards yourself. Move physically around the tower platform and use the tower itself as cover. The team that dominates the towers has a definite strategic advantage.

SCORING: Aim your gun at an opponent and make rapid shots by squeezing and holding the “trigger”. Every hit will reduce your opponent’s health until it reaches zero. Aim for a headshot for an instant kill.

HEALING: Aim your gun at a team mate on an adjacent tower and heal by squeezing and holding the “trigger”. Your team mate’s health will increase gradually until full. Healing support is essential especially when your team mate is in a heated shoot-out.

BOTS: The option to play with or against AI (artificial intelligence) robots. Add them to your team in co-op or play against them in opposing teams. Set their skill level to your preference.


“ELIMINATION” – Score a point by eliminating every member of your opposing team. Eliminated team members are sidelined and can only continue to spectate the game until one team is fully eliminated.

“DEATHMATCH” – Score a point by eliminating a single member of your opposing team. Eliminated team members are respawned after a 5 second cool-down and can immediately rejoin the battle.

“GOAL TOWER” – Score a point by capturing the opposing team’s Main Tower. Deaths and kills do not contribute to the score and eliminated team members are respawned after a 5 second cool-down.

Each Tower Tag match has a default period of 5 minutes (adjustable), and the team with the most points at the end will be crowned the winning team!

That’s it, you are good to go! Good luck, and have fun!

Get your team to VRWORLD and have fun with laser tag, virtual reality style. Book your VR Laser Tag adventure now!

(Recommended age is 9 and above.)

It was awesome! First time playing VR laser tag, the staffs were friendly, they gave good and in-depth explanation. Will definitely go back again. Friendly advice, please expect to stand for an hour, eat something light before play, and wear something comfortable.

Gaik Ni Esther Lim / Google

Was really happy with my first VR experience! My friends and I enjoyed it. Didn’t get any motion sickness. The graphics were really good too!
We played laser tag. There were only 3 games to choose but we kept switching sides which had many combinations and that was enough for the 1 hour to fly by.

illion / Google

It was an awesome VR laser tag game! Able to play PVP. There was only 3 of us for team bonding so we played against bots. Worth going again as the pricing is reasonable!

Purpletots / Google