We offer a wide variety of games to our customers here at VR World: from puzzle-solving escape rooms to intense horror shooters, we have everything to suit your gaming preferences. As for our younger customers, we usually recommend an overall minimum age of 7 years old, based on the industry’s general level of acceptance. However, not all games are suitable for young kids and we are always careful in discussing with accompanying parents before recommending games we feel are most appropriate. We take great pride and responsibility in guiding young kids into the world of VR, and great care to ensure they start with games that they can handle adequately with their young mind and motor skills, with content that are wholesome or even educational. With that in mind, we are constantly looking out for and adding kids-suitable games to our offerings.

Below are the top 5 kids’ games currently offered at VR World:

  • Kooring Wonderland”: A collection of mini games that are actually scaled-down and cutified versions of popular adult titles like Beat Saber and The Climb. A nice introduction to bigger things to come in their VR gaming future.
  • Shooty Fruity”: A kid-friendly VR shooting game that is non-intense with zero violence. Your kid will also get to multitask as a supermarket cashier.
  • Angry Birds VR”: A popular kids’ game that needs no introduction, playing it in VR is a whole lot more fun and challenging!
  • Fruit Ninja VR”: Another kids’ classic, these games offer an opportunity for your kid to experience first-hand and compare how VR technology can bring regular games to a whole different level of immersion.
  • Loco Dojo”: This is one competitive VR boardgame that you can enjoy together with your kid (up to 4 players)! Every spin of the wheel brings your whole family to a different “crazy” challenge where you must compete with one another accumulatively for the Grand Championship.

So, bring your kids down to VR World this weekend for their first out-of-this world experience!