With the recent spike in local Covid cases and entering of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), VR World has stepped up its efforts in maintaining a clean and sterile gaming environment for our customers. Hygiene and disinfectant work are being carried out more regularly than before, including UV sterilization of headsets, and no effort is spared in body temperature screening and safe distance enforcement on our customers. Customers are encouraged to use the disposable hygiene face covers and hand sanitizers conveniently located around our premises.
We continue to be open for business as usual, under the following restrictions (on top of existing ones):

1) Only bookings for groups of up to 2 PEOPLE will be allowed;
2) SAFE DISTANCING must be maintained with strictly no PHYSICAL INTERMINGLING between groups;
3) FACE MASKS must be worn strictly at all times.

Some of these restrictions are not new, but we would just like to remind our customers to continue to abide by them. This is to ensure a safe and assuring VR experience for yourself as well as other customers. With your kind cooperation and our strict enforcement of Safe Management Measures, VR World remains a safer choice of entertainment.