Hyper Dash

Great news for fans of PvP (player vs player) shooting games: Hyper Dash, the latest team-based VR shooter has arrived at VR World!

Most of our regular customers have probably played Tower Tag or Smashbox and enjoyed them, some of you have come back and requested for more and the answer to that is Hyper Dash! Hyper Dash offers some new and exciting features, for example, there are basically 3 ways you can move around in the game: running, “dashing” (teleporting) and “rail grinding” (riding on a rail like a roller coaster), given the speed and intensity of the game you will need to utilize all 3 to stay alive! The most interesting part of the game is the different unique and exciting game modes to choose from, from the usual free-for-all “Deathmatch” and capture-the-flag “Domination” to something called “Payload”, where both teams take turns delivering a moving cargo while the opposing team tries to stop it. The game also offers up to 10 players (5v5) matches, with the option of adding AI members.

Hyper Dash offers the usual array of cool weapons and challenging game maps, its simple graphics and controls make it perfect for both experienced players and first timers. We started offering the game in April and have been receiving great reviews from customers who have tried it. Feel free to visit VR World link or the official website for more information on the game.

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