Ran out of ideas on where to bring your girlfriend? Want to give a memorable experience to that special someone you are taking out on a date for the first time? Or simply want to do something different to celebrate that special occasion with your significant other?

VR World is the perfect answer to all that 🥰. Scary movies are nice and hot-pot dinners indispensable, but nothing brings two person closer together than exploring a death-trap pyramid or surviving a zombie apocalypse! These are experiences that will (thankfully!) never come by in real life but can be enjoyed together in the same level of thrill and excitement in the immersive world of virtual reality.

We offer a wide selection of games here in VR World, but have narrowed the top 3 games for couples down to the following:

  1.  “Escape the Lost Pyramid”: Our most popular game to date, the Lost Pyramid is filled with ancient traps and puzzles that require the two to think and work as one in order to accomplish. Only the most devoted couples will escape!
  2.  “Propagation VR”: What better way to test the love and bond of two people than to put them in the middle of a zombie rampage? Survive the hordes and kill the Zombie King to end the curse, or end up being turned into a pair of mindless zombies till eternity…
  3. Beat Saber”: For something less intense, challenge your partner to slice-dance together to the rhythm of your favourite BTS tune, the groovier half with the higher score gets to pay for dinner!

Book a 2-hour Multipass with VR World now to enjoy all three games in one romantic session! We promise you will discover a whole new level of bonding in your relationship, and your date nights will never be the same again 😉.

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